Crossroads and Passages, Potent Possibilities for Transformation

My own journey, during the past 10 years, is filled with enormous change, mystery, and paradox. The outer world events include: leaving my 30-year career in public education, creating the new work of my dreams; supporting three beloved women through many phases of transition–my Mom, my Sister, and my husband’s Mom–and the incredible gift of being a sacred witness to each as she left her body.

These years of crossroads and passage are permeated by the tension of not knowing how events would unfold. I’ve learned about surrender and keeping the faith.

Mom Helen: She Who Walks In Beauty

Mom Helen: She Who Walks in Beauty

Six months after launching my first expressions of new work with sacred space (and the Universe responding Yes!), I was catapulted into a long dark night of the soul, advocate and decision-making partner for my Mom’s care. In due course, it was an eight-month process. But, when I arrived at her hospital bedside that chilling December afternoon in northern Michigan—2500 miles from my home–her death seemed imminent.

When I realized the depth of the unknown in the scenario with Mom, a tantrum-like inner child voice, complained: But, this isn’t what you planned to be doing now! You’ve just launched your new work!

Meo Collage: Wise Woman Within

Meo Collage: Wise Woman Within

My wise inner guide responded: Whatever you are doing right now with Mom, THIS IS your work. Be not afraid.

I couldn’t see it then, but I get it now. The inner guidance–THIS IS your work–was literal to my role with Mom. It also foreshadowed my future in ways I never imagined.

While navigating the deep and wide rivers of change and loss—finding ways to nurture my soul and remain present to my inner journey–I was crafting templates and tools, and gathering wisdom, for what has become my work in the world.

Crossroads and passages are a process–not a destination–with the potency, poignancy, and possibility of a sacred journey.

Meo collage: She Who Dances on the Edge of Darkness and Light

Meo collage: She Who Dances on the Edge of Darkness and Light

The past decade has given me astonishing opportunities to…

… stop pushing myself and learn to follow what pulls me,

… establish relationship with the unknown,

… know grief and trust myself in its depths,

… ask for help and embrace my worthiness to receive it,

… extend the reach of my allegiance to Beauty as a healing grace,

… act boldly on the belief that my unique gifts are exactly what the world needs now.

Wherever you are in your own sacred journey, blessings, ease, and grace to you!

With gratitude, Meo